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5 Quality Tips for Every Aspiring Actor

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

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5 Quality Tips for Every Aspiring Actor by Aishwary Dubey - Wise Studios
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When there is harmony between the mind, heart, and resolution, then nothing is impossible. – Rig Veda

Lets Begin..

You often heard that "Acting koyi badi chiz nahi hai, koyi bhi kar sakta (acting is not a big deal, anybody can do it)" from the people who have just seen movies and have almost no idea about acting field. But let me tell you Acting har kisi ke bas ki baat nahi hoti. It needs dedication, time, and courage.

Mein jab bhi acting class mein lecture deta hu, sabse pehla dhyan pehli chiz yahi kehta hu, It's not a hot knife through the butter thing. Specially when we're talking about Method Acting. Today I will try to explain in brief and better way the must needed qualities an aspiring actor should have.

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1. An actor should be Calm, relaxed and should have self control.

5 Quality Tips for Every Aspiring Actor by Aishwary Dubey - Wise Studios
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A calm and controlled body and brain always act accordingly, to act a scene in a movie or stage you should be calm and relaxed mentally, and should have a self control over your body & emotions.

To switch emotions and expressions according to scenes and to make audience feel what character is feeling on screen or stage your capacity to express should be good, while control over emotion helps an actor to stay relaxed after the take even the character is stressed or tensed.

2. Read full script and learn about the character deeply.

5 Quality Tips for Every Aspiring Actor by Aishwary Dubey - Wise Studios
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You can't play a character until unless you're connected to it. The beauty of an actor is not in his/her body or face, its in his way to merge himself with the character. To do that you have to read the full script. You have to point of view of your character, his (character) emotion, sentiments and physical limitations etc., are should merged in you as an actor.

Acting is not about speaking out dialogues and monologues, its an act of speaking with eyes, body language, gestures. Script reading and learning the character traits will help you merge in the character. Let you character merge so well that even the viewer can differentiate between the two identity (means ACTOR that & CHARACTER).


3. Be a Good Observer.

5 Quality Tips for Every Aspiring Actor by Aishwary Dubey - Wise Studios
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A character is considered as the reflection of an Individual, it can be anyone doctor, teacher, policeman, father, mother, student etc. The better you observe the better you act. Basically you have to merge several things together some of which are, Age + Gender + Family role of a person (father, brother or anyone else) + Profession + Psychology + Needs/wants and so on...

An example for a character & storyline : "A 45 year old office clerk who is also a father of two kids, struggle to fulfill his family needs, He's good at singing, and want a better life for his kids and wife so he start to work as part time singer in a club where he meets a music director who offer him a chance of a lifetime..."

It may sound simple, but playing a character on screen/stage with the required potential, it needs a lots practice.

4. An Actor should be Passionate & Curious.

5 Quality Tips for Every Aspiring Actor by Aishwary Dubey - Wise Studios

Acting is an art of passion and curiosity, one who want to be an actor should be passionate enough about his choice of being an actor to struggle, to learn, to get appreciated, to get criticized, for rise, for fall, for success, for failure to handle all the situations positively. Its a hard road to walk on.

It takes lots of practice and dedication, you're your own teacher here, you have to learn from your mistakes, you have to give hours, days, weeks and even months to bring that glimpse of perfection in you.


5. Ask yourself WHY ?

5 Quality Tips for Every Aspiring Actor by Aishwary Dubey - Wise Studios
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Before getting started, ask yourself Why you want to become an actor ? are you passionate about acting or you're interested in the fame which comes with it.

A person with the hunger of attention, fame & eyeball can be demotivated or some time quits in early stage, because getting success and fame in this field in early stages is a hard thing, even once you get it, to sustain and maintain the position is also a thing of effort and handwork.

Before you put your leg in the stream of Acting you should be firm about our decision. I'm telling you this because it takes time to build things in this field or in any field.

If you want to choose a career in your make sure, you should be passionate about the work, method and efforts required in that field not the result, fruit and outcomes.


I don't want to say its tough, but it's not a piece of cake either. It needs equal dedication, passion, hard work & time like any other profession. It's not about coming on set, wearing costume & make-up, and speaking out dialogue you read few minutes ago. It's a not a tough job but needs a lot of effort.




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