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Founder's Desk

"The only solution to the problems of life is to develop Resilience, Patience and Courage to get over them."

Trying to be recognized, trying to be loved we somewhere and somehow we all are trying the same thing. I've was a below average student in school time and an average student in my college days so I can understand that how it feels to remain unrecognized despite of having a whole lot of talent in something else but not in academics, well its our education system, we'll talk about it some other days. 

Not known to many of you who are reading this, I'm the founder and CEO of Chandra venture. A enterprise which makes films also train actors and storytellers and bring best out of them. 

Cinema is an Art and in age which we are living in we've hardly seeing the work of art and emotions. Movies nowadays are all about Abusive words, Vandalism, Sex, Alcohol, Skin show, bodybuilding show, Remakes, Star kids etc. 

I remember when Late Rishi Kapoor said and I quote, "Actors would go to acting schools. Today, they go to the gym first." Its true the generation today have no idea what great stories are all about. As the responsible filmmaker and citizen of India its my duty to guide the new generation which is future of our nation should be on the right track, and that's what Chandra Venture Film Studios is all about. I've created this just to entertain young and adult audience with some Infotainment stuff. 


We're soon going to launch Training programs for Artists who are energetic and enthusiastic to work in entertainment industry. To avoid frauds and scams during the selection procedure our core team has decided to handle all by the Core members. That clearly means there are no middleman no one out of the core community can help anyone to join our programs. 

I know how it feels when dreams are broken, I know how it feels when they come true too. So, if the reader of this page joins us, we'll provide them our full support along with his or her efforts to achieve their dreams.

Best Wishes,

Aishwary Dubey

(Founder, Wise Studio India)

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